Dawn White

Vice President of Marketing

Dawn White

Volunteer since 2021

Passionate about volunteer-driven non-profits, my journey began with my first job out of college and has been a constant thread throughout my diverse career. I’ve navigated various industries, but my love for non-profit work has remained unwavering. I am fortunate to lend my time and expertise to the LTSO (Lung Transplant Support Organization), where I aim to increase awareness and drive fundraising efforts for lung transplant patients.

My affection for the LTSO blossomed from the very moment I encountered their volunteers selling raffle tickets during a fundraiser. Their genuine nurturing spirit resonated deeply with me, becoming an irresistible draw to get involved. Recognizing the challenges faced by the organization during the Covid pandemic, I proactively stepped in and offered my assistance in the marketing realm.

What sets the LTSO apart is the inclusiveness of its mission. Volunteering for LTSO isn’t limited to transplant recipients or those who know someone with a transplant; anyone seeking a truly worthwhile cause that makes a tangible difference in people’s lives is warmly encouraged to join. Whether you possess specific skills or desire to contribute, we will gladly find the perfect spot for you within the LTSO. family.

Together, we can create a positive impact and provide much-needed support for lung transplant patients. Join me on this fulfilling journey with the LTSO, and together, let’s change lives for the better.

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