LTSO Lung Transplant Quarters (LTQ)

LTSO Lung Transplant Quarters (LTQ)
The Lung Transplant Quarters

A Home Away from Home

Availability for December 2023

All apartments at the Quarters are currently occupied. We kindly ask you to revisit our website in mid-December for potential openings. Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time. Availability is on a first come, first served basis.

What is the Lung Transplant Quarters?

Affectionately known as “The Quarters” it is a comfortable, home away from home fourplex for lung transplant patients and their support companion waiting for or recovering from a lung transplant.

The Quarters History

As the lung transplant program at St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center (“the Hospital”) continued to expand and the need for other services and support increased, it became clear that affordable housing was sorely lacking. 

This house need was recognized and met by a generous caregiver donation and the help of the Lung Transplant Support Organization (LTSO). The Quarters opened its doors in the summer of 2016.

The transplant-friendly, four-unit apartment complex has served patients, their family members and guests. Many patients have returned to The Quarters for their annual check-ups at the Hospital.

About the Quarters

The Quarters is located in Scottsdale, Arizona, approximately 8 miles from St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center. And it is less than one mile from popular Old Town Scottsdale and has a minimum-stay requirement of 5 nights. 

The Lung Transplant Quarters provides the privacy of having your own apartment–no need to share a kitchen or common area. Each apartment is fully stocked with all appliances, bedding, and linens, and a start-up supply of the essential items necessary to maintain a home.  Utilities, Wi-Fi, and a printer are also provided.  All that guests need to bring with them are food, clothing, and other personal items. A laundry facility is located on-site, and a patio area features a gas barbecue, patio furniture, and two large, UV-protective umbrellas. There are two dog-friendly units, subject to certain restrictions.

Who can Stay at the Quarters? Patients must live 40 miles or more from the hospital. There are no medical services provided on-site nor is transportation provided to or from the hospital.  Patients are charged a reduced fee per night to help defray costs for utilities, upkeep, and operation.

Guests are permitted to visit you in your apartment, although children under the age of 18 are not allowed.

We require that a support companion accompany each patient staying at the Quarters. Though many patients feel well enough to do simple household tasks for themselves before their transplant, often the rigor of medical appointments tires them tremendously. Post-transplant, the caregiver, typically a family member or close friend, handles the meal preparation and clean up, laundry, cleaning, transportation and other patient needs. In addition, the caregiver provides invaluable emotional support.

Maintaining Our Apartments – To help keep our operating expenses as low as possible, we ask our guests to treat our facilities with respect. This includes keeping their apartment and the surrounding areas clean and clear of debris.

How is the Quarters supported – The major fund-raising event for the LTSO is an annual golf tournament. A portion of the funds raised at this event are utilized for the Quarter’s necessary ongoing operational costs and patient support. Among other things, these funds enable us to continue to provide a comfortable facility for families and their loved ones facing a severe medical crisis. 

To learn more about the Quarters, email or call (831) 212-1363. To donate click the Donate link at top of page.

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Listen to Sandy and Jeff talk about their experience with LTSO and the Lung Transplant Quarters.

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