Glenn Hutchinson

Glenn Hutchinson

Glenn Hutchinson

Founder and Tireless Volunteer

I am a forensic scientist by education, and I have worked as such in local law enforcement for something a little over 40 years.  My wife Michele was the 9th lung transplant recipient at Dignity Health’s Saint Joseph’s Hospital in Phoenix, AZ.  I was inspired to assist in the formation of the LTSO (Lung Transplant Support Organization), when I saw her being wheeled from surgery, to her recovery room in the ICU.  She was pink and healthy looking, with the best color to her skin that I had ever seen. Although just minutes after her surgery, she looked better than she ever had before.  She had cystic fibrosis, a hereditary ailment that limited her life experiences up until the transplant.  

Seeing my wife’s drastic improvement and knowing how transplantation could help others Michele and I assisted in formation of the Lung Transplant Support Organization. Our goal was and still is, to provide financial assistance to those who might otherwise not be able to afford their lung transplant. Michele has since passed away, but the quality of life she had after the transplant and until her death was the best she ever had.  

We at the LTSO strive to continue to provide financial assistance until medical science can develop other solutions for the ailments that now require lung transplantation.  I encourage you to look through the website and make a donation if you like, or to register for our annual “Breath of Hope” golf tournament.  We can’t help others without the assistance you and those like you give us.  

I hope you can all breathe deeply and breathe well.  

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