James Stokes

Vice President

James Stokes

Volunteer since 2010

I am Logistics Manager by trade and have been with Honeywell International for 33 years; My wife Allison is number 16 and number 109 lung transplant at St. Joseph’s Dignity Health in Phoenix Arizona. I became the caregiver for my wife twice because of the beautiful family that allowed their loved ones to become donors to save lives like my wife.   

I volunteer for LTSO (Lung Transplant Support Organization) because I feel that I must give back to anyone that needs a transplant. My wife has been able to do things like see both our children graduate high school, our son’s wedding and in January 2022 she became a grandma. This would not be possible without an organization that helps promote transplantation and I am proud to be part of the LTSO.

There are many ways to contribute including volunteering, donations, and participation in our Breath of Hope Golf Tournament.  Details for each are listed on our website.

A Breath of Hope

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