Karen Kightly

Vice President of the Lung Transplant Quarters

Karen Kightly

Volunteer since 2011

Karen was drawn to the LTSO (Lung Transplant Support Organization) with the desire to continue her husband Dennis’ efforts to pay it forward (Dennis received a lung transplant in 2011 but has since passed). After his passing, Karen served on the Board of the LTSO as secretary, then treasurer, then co-treasurer, and now partners with the charity in providing affordable housing for other transplant candidates and recipients. She currently manages the operation of the Lung Transplant Quarters where she is often seen carrying a hammer and nails, power drill, or a broom and dust pan. With Karen’s experience as a caregiver, she often visits with the tenants to ensure their housing needs are met and/or to just give emotional support.

If you’d like to know more about the Quarters, you can contact Karen at the email address below.

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